Welcome to Like Mortgage Advice, the preferred mortgage adviser for Kensington Mortgages. We’re here to guide you through every stage of your mortgage journey, from advising you on the most suitable Kensington mortgage for your needs, to seeing your application through all the way to completion.


When you speak to one of our mortgage advisers you’ll receive the benefit of advice and expertise that comes from years of experience, and it all comes for free. We use our deep understanding of Kensington’s mortgage range to help you secure the mortgage you need, and make the process as easy as possible for you.  


For the last 25 years, Kensington has been leading the way in creating specialist mortgages that suit different needs and circumstances that the High Street just can’t cater to. They know that one size doesn’t fit all, and that we all have different lifestyles, jobs and commitments. So their lending criteria is designed to be flexible so that their range of products can help as many people as possible get the mortgage they want, whether that’s to buy a new home, remortgage an existing one, or purchase a buy to let property. 

Self-employed mortgages
From sole traders to company directors, all types of self-employed applicants with at least a year of accounts will be considered.

Mortgages for Heroes
If you work in the Armed Forces, emergency services (fire fighters / police officers), as an NHS Clinician (including paramedics and nurses) or are a teacher/lecturer in the public sector and are aged under 40,  Like Mortgage Advice could help you secure up to five times your income with Kensington’s unique mortgages for heroes.

Multiple incomes
Traditional mortgages were created for those with a straightforward basic salary, but in today’s market Kensington understands that many people have multiple income streams. Like Mortgage Advice will present your full situation to the underwriting team.

Mortgages for young, qualified professionals
Are you a young, qualified professional? Medical doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants, actuaries, barristers and commercial pilots under the age of 40 can benefit from enhanced affordability for a Kensington mortgage.

First time buyers
Buying your first home? Kensington has a range of different options to help you get that all important foot on the property ladder, including offering 5% deposit mortgages if you’re using the Government Help to Buy scheme. 

Buy to Let mortgages
From first time landlords, to seasoned portfolio holders, Kensington has a range of Buy to Let products. Get in touch with Like Mortgage Advice now to find out more.

Government-backed schemes
Like Mortgage Advice can advise on Right to Buy schemes.

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